ArmEn and HAI Mobility Workshop


The ArmEn and HAI mobility workshop, organised by Irene Tinti (ArmEn) and Sara Scarpellini (HAI Mobility) with the logistical support of Francesca Cheli and Leonardo Squilloni, was held at the University of Florence on 22 January 2024 (programme).
The event brought together 15 team members from Europe and Armenia to present their current research and most recent results on cultural, religious, and linguistic entanglements in the CAM area (from the southern Caucasus to Anatolia and northern Mesopotamia), and discuss themes, issues, and perspectives. Members of the University of Florence were also invited to assist.
Experts in both written and material sources were in attendance, thus creating a synergic environment in which all presenters were exposed to and interacted with different approaches and methodologies.

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