Alison Vacca

Alison Vacca is an Associate Professor of History at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where she teaches courses on the early Islamic world and Muslim-Christian relations. She is also the editor of the open-access, peer-reviewed journal of the Middle East Medievalists, al-ʿUṣūr al-Wusṭā.

Dr. Vacca is a historian of early Islam focusing on Armenia and Caucasian Albania. Her first book explores how the memory of the Sasanians informed descriptions of caliphal rule in Armenia and Albania. Along with Sergio La Porta, she has also completed an edition, translation, and commentary of Łewond’s eighth-century history of the Caliphate. She is currently working on masculinity and intermarriages in the medieval Caucasus. Her articles relies on Arabic and Armenian sources to investigate intercultural transmission, intercommunal violence, and gender.

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