Hamlet Petrosyan

Hamlet Petrosyan is an archaeologist specializing in Middle Eastern and Armenian Culture, monuments, epigraphy, and ethnic identity during the Middle Ages. He is the head of the Department for Cultural Studies of the Yerevan State University and a member of the Institute of Archaeology & Ethnography of the Armenian Academy of Sciences. Since 2018 Prof. Petrosyan has lead the archaeological expedition to the site of Dvin, one of the most important urban settlements south of the Caucasus mountains during the Middle Ages. The University of Florence archaeologists, including members of the ArmEn team started collaboration with Prof. Petrosyan on the excavations of Dvin in October 2021, a project that aims to have a long-term duration. 

Prof. Petrosyan has made important contributions to our knowledge of medieval Armenian history, archaeology, and culture. His identification and excavations of the ancient site of Tigranakert in Arts‘akh has revolutionized the study of Late Antique and Medieval history of Armenia and the southern Caucasus in general. His publications and analyses of the Armenian art of khachkar are milestones in the study of this unique phenomenon. Prof. Petrosyan’s publications and other activities are detailed in his brief curriculum vitae.

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